The station of the MVM Group is a real specialty, where young and old, children and parents alike can gain a lot of knowledge in addition to playing. In addition to the nuclear power plant, they can learn about the importance of other alternative energy sources, as well as the importance and role of individual energy-producing sources in relation to Hungarian conditions. Another workplace where you can learn by playing!


Work either alone on one power plant or in a team with all the power plants!

Try the three different energy sources.

  1. Replace the heating element in the nuclear reactor, press the buttons and watch the signals. Wait until the button flashes quickly and see what happens!
  2. Turn back the wheel of time! Play with time, fast forward or backward and see how solar panel energy production changes!
  3. Turn on the balancing power plant from left to right. First press the button marked T1 to turn on the gas turbine, then you can switch on the other gas engines, as well.

The goal of the game is to ensure that energy production and energy demand are always equal. You can increase or decrease the energy demand with the big red lever on the wall.

Each small power plant has its own description, look for them to learn more about the types of energy production.