Employee of the Month


On this page you will find some useful information for using the Work Book and here you can register for the "Employee of the Month" title!

Who can get a Work Book and what is it for?
Only "citizens" of MiniPolisz (children)! You can use the Work Book for two things:

1. Participation in the MiniPolisz game on the spot!
Take part in the game, work in every workplace! Each child receives a Work Book upon arrival, with which they can "work" in MiniPolisz. The Work Book contains the icons / logos of each location, where, after the task performed, the animators certify that the work was excellently performed. They punch / confirm the Work Book at the sign next to the given location. The main thing is to go through all the workplaces to have all the certificates, all the punches. When you have completed all the stations, then go to the wheel of fortune and spin it! If you're lucky, you could be richer with even a small gift!

2. Registration for the "Employee of the Month" title on the website!
All Work Books are numbered! Those who register can participate in a monthly raffle to win the title of "Employee of the Month". Your prize will be a valuable gift. Keep an eye out for Facebook , where we publish this!

What to do on the spot: Take part in the game!

By presenting your ticket, you can pick up your Work Book at the reception.

You can participate in the game with the Work Book and then spin the wheel of fortune. The lucky ones can take home a small gift. At the end of the game, the
Work Book is yours, keep it, because with it you can register for the title of "Employee of the Month"!
What you need to do on the website: Register for the title of "Employee of the month": "Become employee of the month!"
Every month we draw the "Employee of the Month" among the children who visit MiniPolisz and register on the website. Each month we announce one winner, who will receive a valuable prize. (E.g. those who visited us in June and received a Work Book can only register and compete for the title in June.)

You have to register at home, with the serial number on the Work Book received in MiniPolisz.

The registration process

First, enter your serial number on the Work Book.
Fill in your personal information (name, date of birth, parent's name and email address, and address where you live).
Answer the questions asked (how did you hear about MiniPolisz and rate the services)!
– You can only register for the title of "Employee of the month" in the month in which you were a guest of MiniPolisz.
– Only children can receive a work book.

– Every time you get a new Work Book, and you can register again for the title of Employee of the Month!

Based on registration, we will elect the "Employee of the Month" monthly: "Be the employee of the month!" From among the monthly registered, we will select the winner with a lottery program!


Employee of the Month