A MiniPolisz számára fontos az edukáció, ezért a társadalmi felelősségvállalás jegyében a fiatalok szemléletformálását zászlajára tűzve örömmel ad otthont változatos témájú, csoportos szemléletformáló foglalkozásoknak.

  • A csoportok részére tartott interaktív tanórák díjmentesek.
  • A tanórákat külsős szakemberek tartják, ezért az igényt a foglalás során előre kérjük jelezni a látogatás előtt legalább 2-3 héttel. A tanórák megtartásának lehetősége a játszóház foglaltságának függvényében változhat. Tanórákat iskolai szünetben nem áll módunkban tartani.
  • A foglalkozások az életkori sajátosságok figyelembevételével zajlanak: óvodásoknak játékos, mondókás formában és kb. 20-30 perces időtartamban, míg iskolásoknak szemléletformáló foglalkozással egybekötve, kb. 30-45 perces időtartamban kerül sor egy-egy tanórára.

Groups can currently choose from these topics:

  • SMART PLATE® program
  • Only eat wisely - Food safety program for children
  • Program without remainder
  • The host program is free
  • Drive smart! program
  • General crime prevention knowledge
  • Az internet veszélyei

SMART PLATE® program

Over the past 30 years, the number of overweight people has tripled. The National Association of Hungarian Dietitians (MDOSZ) has therefore launched the Okostányér program, which promotes the latest Hungarian nutrition recommendation of the MDOSZ. With the recommendation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the material for adults and especially for children outlines the most important principles of healthy nutrition.

Supporting the aim of the association, MiniPolisz also joined the program, the aim of which is to develop healthy, lifestyle-friendly eating practices and habits through positive influence from a very young age.

Recommended age group: 6-12 years


Did you know that nearly 70% of foodborne illness incidents can be traced back to households, which could easily be prevented by learning the right habits and a little care?

Nébih Food only smartly! this time, his program brings the world of food safety closer to the little ones. Within the framework of the playful session, the children can learn about the basics of food safety, from making a shopping list, to shopping, to household chores. Within the framework of the interactive session, they can also learn the correct practice of hand washing and the tricks of food storage at home.

Recommended age group: 4-6 years


Did you know that 68 kg of food waste is produced per person in Hungary every year, almost half of which, 33 kg, could be avoided with a little care?

One of the most important goals of Nébih's No Leftovers program is to increase elementary school students' awareness of food waste prevention. The lessons learned help the children to recognize the value represented by food, and through practical knowledge to develop a sustainable and conscious approach. The program is primarily for grades 4-6. is intended for first-grade students.

Recommended age group: 9-12 years


Our heart is responsible animal husbandry, which is why, as part of Nébih's attitude-shaping, "Free the owner" program, we provide experience-oriented, interactive classes with information on the responsible keeping of pets - especially dogs and cats - for responsible owners of the future.

The goal of the "Free the owner" program is to promote adoption from shelters instead of purchases, as well as the sterilization of dogs / cats, as well as the transfer of knowledge about the physical and mental health of domestic animals, the observance of which is now also supported by legal regulations.

Recommended age group: 6-12 years


The ORFK-OBB supports the practical implementation of traffic safety education and training activities, with the goal of educating children and school-age children in safe traffic, which takes place in the framework of the following programs, taking into account age characteristics:

Ovi-Cop program

The Ovi-Zzaru program for younger children is a playful, attention-grabbing and direct communication-based crime and accident prevention program developed mainly for large age groups. and dare to ask the police for help.

Recommended age group: 4-6 years

School policeman program

The goal of the program for elementary school students, or even for the entire school year, is to promote safe, accident-free traffic, rule-following behavior, expand traffic knowledge, and increase the popularity of the police among young people for the purpose of career guidance.

During the programs, children can learn the rules of safe traffic in the framework of playful intellectual tasks. The sessions held at MiniPolisz are complemented by an informal discussion following the presentation interspersed with vivid presentations and explanations.

Recommended age group: 7-12 years


Crime prevention specialists also hold classes in primary schools 1-5. of his grade. In the classes, after watching the film, there is a discussion of what has been seen and its processing using drama pedagogic methods. Within the scope of the topic, the following topics will be processed:

  • Preventing becoming a victim or a perpetrator,
  • Clarification of concepts: e.g. what constitutes a crime, what is the difference between a crime and a student crime,
  • School violence and opportunities to seek help,
  • Characteristics of the most common crimes among young people (disturbing, assault, harassment, theft, robbery, etc.) and their consequences,
  • What to do at home alone
  • And a little lawyering.

The educational aids used in MiniPolisz sessions may differ from those used in schools. Due to the available time frame, we recommend that you discuss the focus topic with the organizer in advance.

Recommended age group: 7-12 years



During the processing of the subject of the dangers of the Internet, the children will receive information about the possibilities of asking for help in addition to knowledge, all within the framework of the methods used in the general crime prevention class. Topics:

  • Data protection,
  • Making a photo or sound recording,
  • Making a photo or sound recording,
  • Community portals
  • Defamation, defamation, harassment, cyberbullying,
  • Ransomware, security features,
  • Online shopping.

In the case of sessions held in MiniPolisz, due to the available time frame, we recommend that you consult with the organizer about the focus topic in advance.

Recommended age group: 7-12 years