A mouthful of green oasis, welcome to Oázis Kerteszet! "I will be a gardener, I will grow a tree..." Caring for plants is not difficult, but it is a responsible task. Try it yourself and you will see, the plants will thank you for your skill with many beautiful flowers! Here you can learn how to make a bouquet of flowers for mom, how to help dad or your grandparents in the garden, as well as learn about the secrets and sometimes strict rules of plant care. We turn you into a real little gardener in a few minutes!

Oasis Gardening: http://www.oazis.hu/

Detailed information: https://minipolisz.hu/oazis/


A real little gardener feels best in her/ his little apron! Water the flowers so they don't dry out. Arrange the plant foods on the shelves, tie bouquets for mom and grandma! Put on the real seven-mile boots to pave the way for the little brother.

Beat your family members in an exciting memory game or compete with them to see who can get the fruit off the "tree" the fastest! In the big job, don't forget to pack after yourself!