FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours in MiniPolisz?

According to our general opening hours, MiniPolisz is closed on Monday and Tuesday. From Wednesday to Sunday we are open between 10AM and 7PM. These opening hours can change according to the season and due to private events. Please consult the Opening Hours page every time before visiting.

Where can I park my car?

Central Passage - the venue of MiniPolisz - has its own garage. The garage has two entries, one from 8-10 Király Street and another one from the 3 Paulay Ede Street. Parking fee: 580 HUF/h. MiniPolisz visitors can get a 20% discount. Please do not forget to ask for a stamp on your parking card at our reception.

Can I leave my children at MiniPolisz?

As MiniPolisz is not a child care facility, you are unable to leave your child at the place without supervision. Although the activity center employs several animators in its staff, their job is to help children use the games and stations properly. The joy of playing is left to the parents and accompanying guardians.

Is MiniPolisz accessible?

Yes, MiniPolisz is accessible for baby carriages and for people with disabilities via an elevator. Due to its limited capacity, the elevator is recommended to be used only for special purposes.

Where can I find the elevator? MiniPolisz is located on the 1st floor of the building and can be accessed via a flight of steps. The elevator can be found at the street floor, to the right side of the entrance of Central Passage. From Paulay Ede Street you can access the 1st floor using the glass lift inside the building.

Will I need a change of shoes?

MiniPolisz doesn’t require a change of footwear. If you’ve brought indoor shoes however, you are able to leave your pair at the lockers.

Are children under 1 year allowed on the grounds of MiniPolisz?

Infants are admitted to the indoor playhouse with close parental supervision only.

How does MiniPolisz interactive family center work?

Working Papers are handed out at the reception to every kids upon arrival so they can track the city parts. There are animators inside who take care of the equipments and help the kids play. Discovering the city parts is built on the joint activity of the kids and their accompanying adults.

Do I need to check in?

There is no possibility to book for families. Registration is only required from school and kindergarten groups.

Can I pay by bank card?

Bank cards (JCB, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa) are accepted at MiniPolisz.

Does MiniPolisz have bathrooms?
We have bathrooms both for children and adults, as well as baby changing stations for our smallest visitors.
How long can I stay?

The tickets are valid for 3 hours.

Is there a buffet inside?

Yes, there is. You can find the menu of the buffet here: https://minipolisz.hu/en/bufe/

Is it allowed to bring in my own food and drinks?

No, it is not allowed. You can find the menu of the buffet here: https://minipolisz.hu/en/bufe/